Dyslexia Assessments for Children

Are you considering a Dyslexia Assessment for your child?


If you have noticed any of the following difficulties in your child, a dyslexia assessment can help you to understand why they are having difficulties and what you can do to support them:

  • Difficulties with reading, writing and spelling

  • Becoming disillusioned with school

  • Finding school more difficult than their friends

  • Verbally able and articulate but has difficulty getting what they want to say down on paper

  • Difficulties with processing information


Or, maybe you just have a feeling that something isn’t quite right and your child is struggling or not performing as well as they could be.

A diagnostic assessment is the only way to really understand if your child has dyslexia and will give you a good understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and how they can use their strengths to overcome their weaknesses.

What will an assessment tell me?

An assessment can help children to discover their strengths and regain their confidence.

Children will find out how their underlying ability compares to their peers. Children with dyslexia often start the assessment process believing themselves to be less capable or ‘lower’ than their classmates but are often surprised to find they are, in fact, on a par or even above their peers.

At the end of the assessment the assessor will have a good idea of whether your child has dyslexia or not and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

Confirming a child’s diagnosis of dyslexia enables parents to better understand their child’s needs.

What happens next?

The assessor will then take all of the information gathered during both the background screening and the assessment, score the child’s tests and make comparisons between them, before making a final judgement in their full diagnostic report.

The report will make personalised recommendations for learning styles, resources and further support options for both the school and the home.

Parents can then work in partnership with the school to support their child in overcoming their weaknesses.

What will the assessment be like?

The assessment process is actually quite an enjoyable process for children. It consists of a variety of short, multi-sensory tasks including some practical, visual and auditory tasks as well as the necessary reading, writing and spelling. The full assessment takes approx. 3 hours but we allow 4 hours so that children are not rushed - we work at your child’s pace and allow them to take as many breaks as they need to.

During the assessment the assessor will endeavour to put the child at ease by discussing their interests and hobbies and where the child perceives themselves to be doing well or needing extra support.

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