Diagnostic Assessment Services

Dyslexia Assessments for Adults and DSA (Disabled Students Allowance)


Our Dyslexia Assessment Services for Employers enables employers to identify any suspected Specific Learning Difficulties your employees may have. This includes Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD and other conditions. Our report will provide specific recommendations for reasonable adjustments, training programs and assistive technology programs to help your employees reach their full potential. These assessments are accepted when applying for Access to Work funding. 

Dyslexia Assessment for Access to Work


Our Dyslexia Assessment Service provides a complete Learning Profile of an individual and is suitable for Adults, Employees and Students. The Assessment takes into account all the strengths and weaknesses a person has. The report provides customised advice,  guidance and strategies, and referrals to other services if required. Accepted for Disabled Student Allowance applications.

 Dyslexia Assessment for Children


Our Dyslexia Assessment Services for Children are suitable for children from ages 7-15. The assessment tests all areas of concern and includes a full history to fully understand the needs of each child. The Assessment Report will provide suggestions for help at home and for schools/colleges.

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