Access to Work Services

Job Coaching

We work with anyone needing work-related training. We provide coaching and mentoring based on developing strategies and skills that will help them understand and achieve their work-related requirements. Each person's sessions are based on their individual needs and work requirements.

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Click here for Employer Information


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Awareness Training

We offer in house training for all staff levels to develop awareness, improve productivity and build confidence.


Some Areas Covered:


·  The positives of employing people with different learning styles

·  Understanding Specific Learning Difficulties and how they affect         people and challenges they may cause at work

·  How work environment changes may affect staff with SpLDs

·  Ways that Specific Learning Difficulties affect efficiency at work

·  How to support staff with SpLDs  Click here for more information



Employer Advice

 We work with employers to ensure they meet their legal responsibilities and support their workers.


Example of Areas Covered:

·   Complying with The Equality Act 2010

·   Identification and assessment process

·   Intervention, adjustments and strategies 

·   Implementing reasonable adjustments 

·   Access to Work, IT and Assistive Technology Support and Funding

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